My name is Sven Wombwell, I am a gardener, a garden designer, an author and lastly a TV presenter.  I have been gardening since I was able to hold a spade, but took it up as a profession 10 years ago when i was 23.  I studied garden design at Capel Manor college in N. London and have been working in gardening professionally ever since.  My career has been littered with TV shows, mostly garden makeovers and i have written two books, firstly ‘Lifecapes: garden designs for your lifestyle’ http://www.futurelifescapes.co.uk and more recently ‘Allotment gardening for Dummies’ http://eu.wiley.com/WileyCDA/WileyTitle/productCd-0470686413,descCd-emf_form.html

I also run my own garden design company http://www.internationallandscapes.co.uk/ and we take on a variety of projects from small makeovers to grand estates.

My interest in gardening comes from my childhood when I spent every weekend with my Grandfather working his vegetable plot and growing our own fruit and veg.  I love the design process from blank page, to playing with space and geometry to finally creating the final design for real in the garden.  To me gardens are an art, with the page being the sketch book for ideas and the plot you are given being the canvass, the materials and plants are the medium from which your masterpiece is created.  The satisfaction you get when you place all the carefully considered elements of your ideas into garden and they all sit in unity is unlike anything else, this feeling is one of harmony and balance………amazing that such a simple process can move your soul to such a level, being able to create spaces like this for people is an honor and a privilege!


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